Therapeutic practice

Just as a plant spontaneously moves towards sunlight,

there is in each of us an impulse towards healing and connection 


Offers and prices

Individual  therapy session                                             1 hour           600czk

Couple therapy session                                                   1 hour            800czk

Therapeutic yoga session                                                1 hour           600czk

I can offer you a safe space and support with 

- moving through and digesting challenging emotional experiences,

- exploring difficult aspects of your identity,

- looking at troublesome patterns in your reactions and personality,

- helping you come out of frozenness and disconnection,

- regulation of your internal environment,

- exploring unexplained physical pains and complaints,

- coming out of shock,

- renegotiating trauma and relationship,

- re-establishing healthy boundaries,

- re-connecting to your full aliveness and most authentic sense of self.

It is my concern to make my work as respectful, loving and attentive as possible.

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