About me


About me

Originally from Norway, I have always found myself interested in the healing arts, in human

development, and esoteric aspects of our being. My path has been steadily moving along 

that road. 

My own journey of healing and self discovery started for real in a yoga ashram in India in 2003.

It was at a time when I was feeling in a way out of place and my life lacked a certain sense of

meaning. This ashram experience was to change my life forever. I discovered a journey

inwards to myself, I finally found a way of connecting to my own inner truths in a way that

made sense to me, and also a way of unfolding my very own potential. 

There I also received my spiritual name: Janaki. 

I have continued the yogic studies and also delved into the western scientific studies of psychotherapy, trauma healing, and a deeper understanding of the functions of the brain and nervous system. 

I am passionately discovering how the brain and body is working in unison, and where the eastern philosophy and western science meet and fulfill each other in profound ways, uncovering this wonder of being human. 

I have traveled a lot through Europe and Asia, I have met many cultures and lived many places. I have successfully worked in body work practices both in London and Berlin. Now I have with joy landed in Brno. 


My passions extend to all sorts of creative work, such as singing and playing theater, designing and building, writing music, dancing, and working in our wonderful garden. 


In my work I love to experience how transformation happens in the process and to accompany it gently and clearly. 

I am deeply touched by being allowed to be present and share in the experience - it is a gift to support the unfolding of your own beauty and authenticity.


I offer my work on the background of the following education, training and work experience:

Trauma and psychotherapeutic trainings:

 - Somatic Experiencing (SE) (Trauma healing by Dr. Peter A. Levine)

 - Developmental and relational trauma (NARM by Dr. Laurence Heller)

 - Emotional trauma completion (NARM)

 - Couple therapy (NARM)

 - Trauma and touch (work by Sonia Gomes)

 - Yoga psychology (as by Bihar School of Yoga)

Bodywork trainings:

 - Healing sexual trauma (developed through tantric massages and touchwork)

 - Holistic massage training (ITEC - Body basics, London)

 - Deep tissue massage training (Gateway workshops, London)

 - LomiLomi massage training (Way of therapy, London)

 - Meridian and energy pathway bodywork (YinYang massage as by Andro)

 - Tantra Massage (Diamond Lotus, Berlin)

Yogic trainings:

 - Yoga teacher training (SYAE)

 - Yoga Certification and deepening courses (Bihar School of Yoga)

 - Ashram life and yogic living studies (SYA Greece)

 - Management of various ailments and disorders through yogic sciences (SYAE)

Self developed:

 - Yogic bodywork for physical ailments

 - Trauma informed yoga practice

 - Connecting the understanding of western science and yogic physiology and philosophy

Working experience:

 - Private sessions since 2016

 - Yoga teacher since 2014

 - Bodyworker since 2010