It is with joy that I offer my guidance and support for the benefit of your healing and growth.

I offer individual and couple trauma healing sessions.

Gentleness and connectedness are very important for me in the practice.

I work non-cathartic; I honor the natural expression of your feelings, emotions and movements,

 in a held way, so as not to overwhelm or re-traumatize. 

I work with containment, integrity and integration. 

Please read more about myself, about trauma, and about my offers and competencies.

Feel free to contact me in confidence for any inquiries.

I look forward to support you in taking your next steps forward to greater well-being.

References and recommendations

"Janaki is a compassionate person and it is easy to feel trust in her presence. I always feel lighter after a session with her, more at ease, and I see the effects spreading out in to the situations in my life. Thanks to the sessions with her I feel better and more able to be in contact with people and express my energy."

Esila, Turkey

"You are a very special person to me and our sessions are very special to me. I think everyone should have some sessions like this to explore their topics and become more conscious of themselves and feel better with them selves. Thank you."

Bara, Brno

"It was a very pleasant session. I did not know what to expect but I was feeling pleasantly surprised by the way I was met and felt seen and the way we kept being on the relevant points of my topic."

Jitka, Brno

"This approach to healing is very interesting to me as I feel the dept its effects due to the body-orientation and the way we constantly seek to find and ground the experiences in the body. It is something special."

Dawid, Krakov

"In the sessions with you I feel safe and able to connect with some inner experiences which I have not felt before. It is a interesting and also joyful experience. I am looking forward to keep finding new places in myself to connect with."

Anna, Berlin

"Wonderful Janaki! I couldnt think of anyone better to offer such a beautiful combination of skill, knowledge, feeling and empathy!​"

Mirja. Köln

"Janaki is a great person and very trustworthy - I wish her all the best."

Martina, Köln

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